Monday, March 4, 2013

Ainsley's home

Friday after school
We went home and  Irish Danced.
Friday evening
We wached Worst Cookes in America the first episode played with Nermal.
Saturday Morning
We woke up and  Irish Danced all morning.                      
Saturday afternoon
We played Legos and played on my I pad
Saturday evening
Soled Girl Scout Cookies.
Sunday Morning
We woke up and practised Irish Dance.
Sunday afternoon
We went to the Dance studio
Sunday evening
We go to Bed!
Monday Morning.
We sleep in I do not feel good
Her are some things Edith liked about our house!
She loved Nermal my cat and Pip Squeak my fish which is good becase she slept next to the tank.
She also liked the mac and cheese that we had for dinner.
She liked everybody but Kelsy.She was scared  Kelsy going to eat him!
I think her  part was playing with Nermal.